Channel Orange

I moved to an apartment close to Ashmont MBTA station [redline]. The guy was looking for a renter/roommate. It was was $400 a month and I was fine with it. I needed to buy time. The reason I chose the room was because the walls were a bright orange.

Sherbet, if you will.

The space gave me comfort, on the initial visit/walkthrough. It spoke to me. It was a haven.

After the move and settling into the new place I started working and everything turned out great. I met my neighbors and acclimated myself to the part of Dorchester, once again. I hadn’t been in the area since I was teenager. Not much of anything changed but Ashmont. It was the staple of change, from what I knew.

One particular evening I met my next door neighbors son. His name was KB. He was about 20. At the time I was 29. My habits of cruising had long since died but something about him, made me lust after him. I tried to avoid KB as much as possible. I wasn’t going to get caught up.

Months had passed and his cousin had move into the apartment, and KB found himself uninvited as often as possible. I didn’t mind it. During the week I worked 12 hour days and I barely had the energy but entertain anyone else for that matter.

One particular Saturday night KB, my roommate Drew, his girlfriend, KB’s friend were all doing shots in the living room. The game was I never and I wasn’t going to entertain that game with toddlers. I mean, I had some sense. It’d gotten late and soon Drew and his girl went into his room and closed the door. KB and his friend remained. I was in the room, editing a video and I heard a knock on my door. It was KB.

I let him and his friend in and they just ran their mouth curious as to what I was doing and why I wasn’t doing shots. I told them my reasons and that I had been drinking wine solo anyway.

KB’s friend suddenly left and KB and I remained. He was drunk. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get him to the sofa in the living room so he could sleep off the intoxication. He laid passed out on my bed.



I nudged him.

me: Hey, KB, come on wake up. I have a pillow and a blanket for you on the couch ready come on.

He woke up confused.

KB: nah. I’m good, come get into bed.

me: what?

KB: come on. you heard me. come here.

KB grabbed my hand and pulled me into bed. I was already in bball shorts and a tshirt.

me: look, if you’re sleeping here, you need to take off your clothes.

KB: fine.

As he got undressed I went to kitchen. Got him 2 large bottle of water. By the time I had arrived back into the room he was already under the sheet and toward the side of the bed to the wall. I closed and locked my door.

Me: I have water for you.

He rolled over and took the bottle from my hand. I sat on the edge of the bed and waiting for him to be done. KB handed me back the bottle and turned the lights off. I pulled up the sheet and climbed into bed. I started up at the ceiling. Within moments the moonlight peered into the curtains of my room.

KB’s breathing got deeper and I knew he was asleep. Time passed and I must’ve dozed up. I was awakened with his arm around my waist. He’d pulled into me from behind and was holding on to me. I tried to move a few times but he held on, like his life depended on it. 


What was KB afraid to lose?

I dozed off once again and it was morning. KB was awake and staring at me.

me: um, good morning.

KB: morning Zay. so, let’s talk.

I rolled back over.


…to be continued.