It was Sunday and I didn’t have time to go through this with KB. I had a routine to follow.

me: ⎯look KB, before we get into this. I need to brush my teeth, shower and make breakfast. is that alright with you?

KB: yea, das fine wit me playa. you gotta toothbrush doe?

I leaned up from the bed and turned facing him.

me: yes, actually, but don’t you want to shower, change, get somethin to eat.

I looked at him earnestly. I really had no idea what he was thinking about or what this conversation was going to entail.

KB: I got you. Don’t worry bout it.

He hopped out of bed and sat beside in bed. I lifted the bed sheet up and swung my leg and feet towards the floor.

Me: the toothbrush is in the top drawer⎯

KB: you got a towel and wash cloth?

Me: uh yea, check the closet drawer. I’m gonna go shower, etc.

KB: iight.

I got up out and bed, grabbed my towel from behind the door and walked out of my bedroom. The apartment was quiet. It was quiet and I appreciated that. 

What time is it anyway?

The bathroom smelled so cleaned. Fabulouso still lingered on the floor and bathroom sink. After brushing my teeth, I turned on the shower and climbed into the tub. It was an old fashion stand alone tub. Porcelain white. The silver cross knobs were pristine silver with a lovely chain stopper.

Brand new.


The water was cool and it felt great. I scrubbed myself from head to toe, the soap flowing and swirling down the drain. 

I heard a knock on the door.

me: I’ll be right out.

I turned the water off, pulled the curtain back and grabbed my towel. The bathroom window was open and I could feel the cool breeze down my back. 


I frowned.

me: yes?

you done?

me: I’m comin out.

I opened the door. It was Kristy, my roommates girlfriend.

Kristy: I’m so sorry. I need to go real bad. Last night was a mess. We drank way too much.

me: don’t I know it girl.

I walked back down to my bedroom and walked into the bedroom, to KB charging his phone. He looked directly at me.

KB: sup?

me: um, hi.

KB: is the bathroom empty?

me: your cousin’s girl is in the bathroom.

KB: Bitch. I hate that hoe.

me: well [I drew a breath and exhaled] tell me how you really feel.

We both laughed. I heard the bathroom door open. I peeped out.

me: Kristy? Is J still asleep?

Kristy: no. he got up early and went to work, him and Tony.

Tony was the other roommate, whose bedroom was directly across from me. I didn’t like him, at all. He was a smart mouthed asshole, who was late. He played B’day like I am…Sasha Fierce wasn’t on the charts. 


me: ah okay, good.

She went back into the room and closed the door. KB got up, walked past me and closed the door. In moments I was fully dry, lotioned, baby powdered and semi dressed.

I laid across the bed in my boxer briefs and extra tall t-shirt. The news was on and my mind drifted. My eyes shifted and I noticed the towel and washcloth on computer desk chair.


The shower water was still running. I grabbed the towel and wash cloth and headed down the hallway. KB was humming. Loudly. The door was open.


I knocked anyway.

me: KB?

KB: yea

me: you left the towel and cloth in my room.

KB: oh word. come in.

I opened the door and placed the towel on the rack. I heard the curtain open.

KB: gimme dat.

I quickly turned around and my eyes widened. Incredulously. 

me: uh what?

KB: gimme dat Zay. 

I handed him the wash cloth, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me into him, water spraying towards me.

Kb: I said, gimme dat.

KB placed his lips on him and pulled me into him. The shower water flowed down my dry chest, back and legs. He pushed me back looked at me before grabbing me, forcing his tongue into my mouth and pulling me into the bath tub.

Mmm. Minty.